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How To Move Heavy Objects By Yourself

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It is always easier to move your belongings with the help of at least one other individual. That way, you will have one person to hold each end of the object, for a total of two individuals making sure that nothing goes wrong. However, there are some circumstances where you will only have yourself. There are fortunately ways to make a move by yourself easier.

Break Down Furniture As Much As Possible

Always break your furniture down as much as possible. If there are any components that are removable, this will not only reduce the weight of your furniture, but will also make the piece less awkward to move. For example, with a couch, make sure to remove any pillows before moving the furniture. For a dresser, make sure that the drawers are removed before moving the rest of the piece. If it is easy to disassemble the furniture, consider completely taking it apart and reassembling it somewhere else. Make sure that it is a piece of furniture that you can remember how to reassemble.

Use Adjustable Moving Straps

Get adjustable moving straps. These take strain off your back and make it much easier to lift an object that would normally be challenging for an individual to lift. They also leave the hands free so that other objects can be maneuvered. Always pick straps that can be adjusted to different lengths so that the straps will fit regardless of your size.

Use A Ramp

It is easier to move heavy objects up a ramp than it is to move them up stairs. Use scaffold planks and blocks to create these ramps. This is especially useful when moving wheeled objects, such as a wheeled generator.

Get A Furniture Dolly

A furniture dolly makes it much easier and more efficient to move heavier objects. Furniture dollies can even be moved upstairs by backing up to a stair and stepping backwards. Pull the dolly against each step and then lift the dolly up one step at a time. The wheels provide more stability as you move from one step to another.

Hire A Household Mover

If you do not have anyone to help you with your move, the best option is to hire household movers who can move your belongings for you. These professionals are trained on the most-effective ways of moving various types of furniture and can do so while minimizing the risk that your furniture will be damaged.