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Are You Rather Clumsy? Hire Professional Movers To Avoid Damaging Your Home

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After taking great care of the home you have been renting, you may be ready to put in your 30-day or 60-day notice, find another place to live, and move out with confidence that you will get most or all of your security deposit sent back your way. But, it is possible to cause serious damage in the final days. Moving furniture all around the house and eventually outside when it is loaded into a moving truck is sometimes all it takes to cause noticeable damage to the home, which would inevitably come out of your security deposit. This happening so close to your move would keep you from finding a solution. It is worth looking into moving services to prevent clumsy tendencies from potentially damaging the rental home.

Scraping Paint Off the Walls

One thing that is easy to do when moving things around is accidentally removing paint from the walls. The easiest culprits are furniture legs that you might find on dining room tables, desks, and couches. While you could remove these legs to minimize the chance of scraps happening, you are better off hiring movers who are able to come over and not only disassemble furniture, but protect it with thorough wrapping. A couch with no legs and the corners covered up by a moving blanket or two should do the trick.

Damaging Door Frames

The trickier part that comes with moving large items and furniture is getting through the doors. If you do not have anyone to help you out with the move, it becomes extra challenging to avoid any damage. Instead of attempting to fit a bed or dresser through the door frames for your bedroom, hallway, and front door, you should just pay about $25 an hour to have professionals handle the heavy loading.

Scratching the Floors

Another thing that you should be a little concerned about is scratching up the floors. Having to drag furniture on the floor at any given time will increase the chances of damage occurring. You can even do your best to keep the furniture on a blanket, but it is possible for it to slide off while moving a piece. Professional movers have floor runners and furniture blankets to keep this from happening.

As much as you may be interested in maximizing your savings for a move, you should consider the peace of mind that you can get from hiring movers from a company like Smith Dray Line to take care of furniture disassembly and item loading.