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Considerations For Your RV Winter Preparations

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If this is the first winter that you need to store an RV, or if things didn't go as well last year as you had planned, it is time for you to take a few moments to learn what needs to be done to prepare your RV for a long winter of sitting idle.

Water System

The water system is the biggest concern when storing an RV during the winter. Failure to prepare the system for storage will likely result in frozen and ruptured waterlines.

Connect your holding tanks to hoses and drain all remaining liquid from them. Open all of the fixtures in the RV to allow any water remaining in the lines to flow into the tanks and out of the hoses for draining.

Drain the hot water tank and the lines going to and from it.

Pour a bit of RV waterline antifreeze down each drain and run some into the lines by siphoning it through the water supply line.

Prevent Moisture Damage

Humidity can still be an issue during the winter, so get a few buckets of clean charcoal and place them around the RV. The charcoal will absorb the airborne moisture and lock it inside before it can damage the upholstery, carpeting, and curtains.

Protect Against Sun Damage

Close all of the blinds. You don't want the sun beating into the RV while it is parked for the season. Sun exposure will lead to faded upholstery and carpet and could even damage the wood inside.

Choose the Storage Location

Where you store your RV will have a huge impact on how well it holds up over the winter. If you plan to store it on your own property, be sure that it is on a finished surface. If you don't have a concrete or asphalt parking space for it, be sure that it is parked on a gravel area. Never park your RV in grassy spaces for long durations or the moisture could lead to rust and the RV could sink into the ground and make it very difficult to get it out.

Consider Leasing a Storage Space

There are many full service storage facilities for you to consider. Some of these facilities even offer indoor storage for your RV.

Full service facilities are just that – full service. You can add services to your contract that include winterizing the RV, having the RV detailed inside and out and even having it picked up at your home before winter and dropped back off when you are ready to head out for a trip.

If you take the time to plan for the months that the RV won't be used, you will appreciate how well it holds up over the winter and the small amount of work you will have to do to get it ready for your first outing in the spring. For more information, talk to a professional like Affordable Transfer Co Inc.