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Packing Service In Limited Time: How You Can Help Your Packers Move Faster

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When you have to have all of your stuff packed and ready to go in limited time, you will more than likely appreciate a packing service in your area. If you really want to help the packers move quickly, there are a few things you can do ahead of time. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help the packers and the packing process move much quicker and get your things on the truck faster.

Label ALL of Your Boxes

If you want your packers to be organized and pack quickly, label ALL of your boxes. In the kitchen, line up five or six large boxes and label them dishes, pots, pans, glass bakeware, utensils, cups/glasses, etc. That way the packers know exactly which boxes to put certain items. The same holds true for every room of the house. Label every box, line the boxes up, and create a sort of production line that makes it really simple for the packers to do their jobs.

Box Anything Valuable and Very Fragile Yourself

Most packing services and packers make sure they are very careful with your things, but accidents happen. If you have some things that are very fragile or very valuable and you want to make sure they arrive at your new home in one piece, pack these items yourself. Better still, pack them yourself and then place those boxes in your car so that there is no possible way anything can happen to them unless it happens in your vehicle or occurs by your hand. This eases some of your moving day anxiety and relieves the packers of any fault or guilt when items turn up broken or damaged by accident.

Move Anything Large and Unpackable out of the Way

If you move everything large and unpackable out of the way, the packers can focus on getting everything packed and not have to work around the stuff the movers are trying to get out of the house. The best option is to place all of your large items in the garage. This should include most of your furniture and any appliances you are taking with you. Then, on moving day, the movers can back the truck up to the garage, load all of your large items into the truck, and then help the packers load all of the full boxes onto the truck behind your furniture and appliances. This also prevents all of your large items from crushing the boxes while the truck is in motion.

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