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Things To Know When Storing Wooden Furniture

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Do you need more storage space around your home for placing the wooden furniture pieces you create? If you intend on creating wooden furniture for years to come, it might be time for you to start placing the pieces in a self-storage room. However, the way the furniture is stored in the unit must also be considered if it you want it to remain undamaged. This article explains a few things about storing wooden furniture that will come in handy if you rent a self-storage unit.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Climate Controlled Unit

If you don't intend on removing the wooden furniture from out of the storage unit any time soon, you should opt for one that is climate controlled. Wooden furniture is the type of thing that must be stored at the right temperature, as damage can be done if not. For instance, a unit that becomes too cold during the winter can freeze the wood and cause it to expand when thawing takes place. An excessively hot unit can produce a lot of moisture and cause your wooden furniture to become damaged from water. You can keep the unit set at an average temperature if you choose a climate-controlled unit.

Do Not Wrap the Wood in Plastic

If you intend on protecting your wooden furniture by wrapped it in plastic, it will be a big mistake, especially if you have no control over the temperature. What plastic will do is make it easier for moisture to build up on your furniture. You must make sure the furniture is well ventilated as it is stored away.

Keep the Storage Unit Organized

Being that you create wooden furniture on a regular basis, you don't want to store it the wrong way. It is good to keep your storage unit organized so you can easily place new furniture in the unit and take pieces out without having to struggle. If you have any small wooden items to store away, investing in shelves for the unit is a good idea.

Treat the Storage Unit for Pests for Protection

Pests like termites and ants can be detrimental to wooden furniture. If you opt for a climate controlled unit, you might not have an issue with the pests. However, a regular unit should be exterminated before the furniture is placed inside. Pay a visit to a nearby storage facility and rent a unit that can accommodate your furniture hobby. 

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