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The Easiest Way To Store And Collate Documents

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Although many businesses have gone digital, keeping paper files is still necessary for a number of reasons. Sometimes digital files can get be deleted, get lost, or become corrupt, requiring you to locate the hard copies as quickly and efficiently as you can. Metal filing cabinets can work well for storing various paper files, but plastic storage bins offer business owners a lot of flexibility when it comes to keeping their documents neatly stored, well preserved, and easy to move. 

Storing Paper Files When Moving Locations

Whether you plan to move the center of your business operations to a new location or simply need to expand, moving can be a lot of work. In addition to coordinating with your staff and the moving company, you will need to map out an organizational system that will have your business back up and running quickly. Packing all of your paper documents in stackable plastic storage containers will help prevent your records and files from being damaged during the transition, and it will also aid in keeping everything well organized.

Keeping Paper Records Safe When Stored Off-Site

If you don't make use of paper files often, and you're running out of space at your place of business, choosing an off-site storage facility can be a great solution. While off-site storage allows business owners to free up a lot of room in the office, it also comes with a couple of caveats.

Vermin are known to get inside of even the cleanest of storage facilities, particularly when colder weather hits. As mice and rats chew on papers and boxes to make nesting materials, heavy duty plastic totes can keep important paper documents from being destroyed and contaminated.

Preserving Paper Records

Old paper tends to turn yellow and crumbly as time passes, while ink can fade and pencil markings can all but disappear. Keeping typed and printed documented stored in a cool, dry place and away from the sun will help to preserve them. Additionally, keeping papers in airtight plastic storage containers can help to prevent them from degrading further. When paper documents are stored out of sight, they tend to be forgotten about until they are needed again. If they are kept in the basement or shed, inclement weather can have a negative impact on paper files if they aren't secured the right way. Instead of utilizing cardboard boxes or dragging heavy metal filing cabinets around, use sturdy plastic storage containers to safeguard your most important paper records.

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