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Having Your Roof Completely Redone? How Movers Can Help

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When your home's roof has to be completely ripped off and redone, it may leave your second story exposed. That means that your bedrooms and any bathrooms you have upstairs may be off-limits for a bit while the contractor's crew rebuilds your roof and ceiling. To protect your furniture and belongings, you may want to remove everything before the contractor gets started with the demolition/deconstruction. Movers can help with that, and here is what that would look like.

Two Days Before Roofers Begin the Work

Your movers will arrive at your house, remove all of the really large pieces of furniture, put it on a moving truck and then remove all the smaller stuff in boxes and put those on the truck. Clothes should be removed and placed downstairs if you plan to stay in your home while the roof is ripped off and replaced, otherwise you can relocate what you need to where you will be staying during the construction. If you want to keep your bedroom furniture and things on the property, there are moving companies who can provide portable storage units for your needs. Be sure to place the portable storage units on the property, out of the way of the construction crew and not in your neighbors' way either.

Moving Your Stuff to a Storage Unit During Construction

If you do not have enough space on your property for portable storage units, or they will not allow the workers to move around your house easily, you will have to place your stuff in a storage locker until the construction is complete. After the movers place everything on the truck, they will haul it to a storage facility and unload it there. You will be provided with the storage information and contract and a key so that you can enter the storage locker at any time.

Moving Your Stuff Back the Day after the Work Is Complete

Once your roof is completely rebuilt and the construction crew has cleaned up and left, the movers can haul all of your stuff back from the storage unit. If your stuff is in a portable storage unit on your property, you can either choose to move it back into the house on your own or have the movers come back and help you put everything back into the house where it belongs. There is usually an extra fee involved for this service, but it will save your own back from agony.

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