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Leaving Your Dorm For Good? Make Your Move Easy With A Few Basic Tips

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Some colleges require that freshman and sophomore students live in dorms. Other schools make it fully optional and students can decide whether they want to live in the dorms or elsewhere. If you have been living the dorm life for a few years and you are either graduating or moving into an apartment, you have a fairly extensive process of moving everything out of the dorm and into a new place. You should keep it from being any more complicated than it needs to be with a few basic tips.

Collaborate with Dormmates

One of the best ways to save money is to work with those around you. If you have dormmates that are looking for a place to live and move into at the same time, you may be able to share moving trucks. At this point, the opportunities for having an easy move and saving money are up to you. It is possible to keep it simple and just get help with loading items into the truck and out of the truck at multiple destinations. If you are busy with studying for your final exams, you can always get help with the packing process. Joining up with dormmates may be what allows you to split the costs and make hiring movers a possibility.

Start Selling Early On

Do not wait until the last minute to start selling items for the move. For instance, if you know that you are going to get rid of a nightstand before moving out of the dorm, you should not keep it around. Take the items out and create a makeshift solution in the meantime, such as a large, folded box. This will allow you to put an alarm clock and any sleep essentials next to your bed while freeing up the nightstand to sell.

Overlap Housing

Stress is one of the main emotions that people feel during a move. Making the move-in date the exact date that you have to move out of the dorm can lead to a rather stressful situation. It is a good idea to overlap the rentals by a few days to allow for a gentle transition to the new home. You can take several trips with your vehicle to bring a basics box inside and some items to put into the fridge and freezer.

Moving out of a dorm is certainly unique, but it is not that much different from moving apartments. Making use of these tips will keep you from having to worry about a stressful move. Contact a company like Gardner Moving for more tips.