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3 Tips To Help Reduce Moving Stress

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Planning and implementing a move, even locally, can be a time-consuming and majorly stressful event in your life. Fortunately, there are ways to cut down the stress and make your move go much more smoothly. The following tips can get you started.

Tip #1: Start with a list

Sit down with pad and pen as soon as you know you are moving. Your task is to make a list of necessary moving tasks and assign a work window to each one. For example, you may have tasks like transferring utilities, scheduling the movers, or renting and picking up the moving truck. Start with the tasks that have to be outsourced, such as movers and utility transfers. Then, assign yourself the tasks you will need to complete, such as getting boxes and packing.

What this means is that six weeks out from the move your week's tasks simply revolve around packing the items in the basement and getting mover quotes, while one week before the move your tasks are only packing the kitchen and transferring utilities. This method ensures you don't become overloaded with tasks at the last minute.

Tip #2: Color Code

Coding your boxes is one of the simplest ways to make the entire process on moving day – and after – less stressful. Stop by an office supply store and pick up a packet of multi-colored dot stickers. Then, assign one color to each room of your new home. As you fill boxes, place a sticker on each side for the room it goes into. This takes much less time than writing out the room on the boxes, and it is also much easier to spot a sticker color than to read messy handwriting. Now, give your room and sticker key to the movers. Every box will end up in the right room, making it much easier to find and unpack in an organized manner.

Tip #3: Know the Schedule

One stressful thing for many people is being unaware of the mover's schedule. If you are the only job scheduled for the day, your movers may not be in as big of a rush to finish quickly. When the movers arrive in the morning, go over their schedule with them. Know when they expect to take a lunch break or if there will be other breaks throughout the day. Write down these times so you can make sure your breaks coincide with theirs. This way, everyone enjoys a relaxed lunch at the same time, instead of having a lunch interrupted because the movers are working and need your attention to a matter. For more info, speak with a moving company.